Records... They are my favorite things to break.

Heya Everyboday!
Things have been pretty wild here in Trapani! So here is the run-down on everything that happened.
As far as Transfers go, I am..................... staying in Trapani! This is gonna be my 5th transfer here. Crazy, huh? That means that as of right now, I have been here 5 1/2 months, and at the end of this next transfer I will be here 7 months. And, I think officially, I have been here longer than any other missionary for the last 3 years. I talked to President Kelly on the phone yesterday, and he told me that this is pretty much for certain my last transfer here, but then he said "ya never know" I could stay longer. One thing is for certain, I am glad I am here for more time. And my companion is going to be........ still Anziano Bunker! He is my 2nd companion to go 3 transfers with, which hardly ever happens haha. I guess President Kelly likes what we are doing here so much that he thought it a sin to split us up. It is a good thing Anziano Bunker is a cool kid or I would have killed him forever ago.
You will never guess what happened on Sunday! Go ahead, guess! Do it!... Whats that? You cant guess? You really have no idea?! You want me to tell you?!.... Alright, I guess I will tell you. Are you prepared though? Maybe you should brace yourselves. Maybe sit down, or drink some water or something. Ok, are you ready?
I guess what happened Sunday really wasnt that special. It was pretty much like every other sunday. We woke up, got ready, got picked up by President Laudicina, and went out to Salina Grande to pick up all of our African friends. We picked up 6 of them, and then we went to church. Then, in church, we managed to teach everyone and everything, and then we get ready to start Sacrament meeting, and people just kept coming flowing into the chapel. They just kept coming! After church, we got the official count, and there were 56 people in attendance. 56! That is 2 people more than the Stakes goal for Tapani at the end of 2012. We just broke a record people, we broke a record haha.
All of our investigators are doing very well.
Kenneth and Israel are still on track to be baptised on the 20th, and both of them are so ballin'. We had a lesson with Israel yesterday, and he sat and took 10 minutes explaining Helaman 5:12 better than I had ever heard it explained before in my life, using experience from his own life. He is willing to do anything it takes to be baptised. Basta. He says it is more important to be baptised all the time than to get his documents, and then he has told us that our contact information is priceless to him and everything. He says "I am hungry to be baptised." His words, not mine.
Kenneth is just as tight, seriously. We see him tonight. He is the very strong, silent type. He doesnt say a ton, but man, he blows your mind with what he does say. His wife is a member from Nigeria, so this going to be a huge blessing for her.
Simba is going to be baptised on the 27th, and even though he speaks only french (I consider that a sin, especially french being french... blech, but I have forgiven him) I feel a bond between me and that lion of a man. The coolness of his name being Simba counteracts the lameness of the french haha. He is from Congo, and his wife is a member. I am sure her and Kenneth's wife are going to be the happiest women alive once they gets baptised.
We saw the Ardito family Monday night, and even though we were like "we just want to stay for 30 minutes" it ended up being like a good 1 1/2. Italians! Sheesh, they never stop talking haha. That is one thing that italians have mastered. Talking. They can talk and talk and talk. Hopefully, we can get them baptised this transfer before I leave haha.
Anyways, I dont know what else to say.
Vi Voglio Bene!
Anziano Parry

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