Well Kids, Time for Round 2

Hey Kiddies!
Well, this last week was definately an interesting one. Let me walk you through it step by step. But before that, I want to give kinda a explaination of something. We count our numbers Monday to Sunday. And as a companionship, we had set a goal that we would NEVER go below 10 lessons a week as long as we were companions, Bunker and I. Ex missionaries might appreciate this a little more, but who knows. So were we are....
A morning of cancelations and baptism preparations. Travel to Palermo.
A day of straight zeros.
Travel to Catania. Zone Conference. Travel Back to Palermo.
Another day of straight zeros.
Working during P-day in Palermo getting baptism supplies. Return to Trapani.
A day of Straight zeros.
Seeing an investigator that morning, and then having all of our main investigators cancel on us for the day. Another lesson that night.
2 lessons today.
Two lessons in the morning, one new investigator and new baptismal date, and then 3 lessons in that night.
5 lessons that day.
Preparations of Baptisms that happened that night. Three baptisms happened.
Another day of zero lessons.
We had church today. Three people were confermed members, and then we taught gospel principles. After church, we taught two lessons, and then we had weekly planning that night.
3 lessons that day.
I dunno if that seems impressive to you, but to me, it was a miracle haha. In 3 days, we managed to keep our goal of 10 lessons per week. I dunno how we managed to pull it off, but the Lord sure helped us out with it. Not to mention 3 baptisms thrown in the mix! This was one of my "busiest weeks of doing almost nothing" if that makes sense.
Saturday night was a way sweet night. The members here in Trapani have really been helping us out like crazy. They give us so much support. Rides here, taking us there, picking up investigators, etc etc. It is everyones desire here to become a Ward instead of a Branch, and ya know, sooner than later it is gonna happen. I baptised Kenneth, President Laudicina baptised Nsimba, and Anz. Bunker baptised Israel. It was a way cool night. That night, we went home and celebrated by ordering Pizza. And man, was it a good pizza.
Sunday, I confermed Kenneth, and it was the first blessing/confermation I have done in over a year, and I couldnt remember how to do it in english. I struggled with it haha. It would have come so much easier to me in Italiano, even if my italiano wouldnt have been 100% correct. Watch out, learning a mission language does that to ya I guess.
Now we have 3 more people that we are working with towards baptism.
17 Settembre- Salvatore, a really cool old man that LOVES to talk about how crappy his life is right now, but absolutely LOVES the church too.
17 Settembre- Irese, an african that has been here in Italy for about 2 years now, so he speaks and understand italian, and is way tight! Israel-the-new-convert knows him, and is going to help us teach him.
17 Settembre- Michael, another african that is a really good friend with Kenneth-the-new-convert. He told us he wants to become a "full member" haha. He is way sweet. Kenneth is going to help us teach him.
Transfers happens on 22 Settembre, so if we manage to pull all of these through, and if I get transfered (which I probably will, President Kelly has been dropping hints haha) I am going to be leaving Trapani with a BANG!
So far this week since Sunday has been going really well. We finally got our air conditioner fixed, and I feel really dumb about it because we did splits Monday and yesterday, and a Missionary named Anziano Esplin fixed it for us. All he did was take that plug apart, and reconnect a wire, and it started working again. I felt dumb because I had thought about doing the same thing a week ago, but talked myself out of it because I had seen sparks and whatnot and just thought the whole thing was fried.
Anyways, thanks for all the support I am getting from everyone! I really appreciate it.
Vi Voglio Bene!
Anziano Parry

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