Elder, It is a rule here that you don't call out of your area, and you are calling WAY out of your area....

Ciao a tutti!
Allora... oggi, fino a adesso, è un bellissimo giorno, e ho deciso che amo il mondo.
You know why? Because I finally got the post office to accept my package! Yes! So, those of you in Neola, be expecting a box to arrive on the door step anywhere between two weeks from now, and 2 months from now haha.
 This last week has been pretty crazy if I say so myself. We have had a little bit of both sweet and bitter experiences mixed together this week, but when everything was mixed together, it created a pretty good overall product.
First thing to tell you, Transfer calls happen this Saturday. Quindi, by next Wednesday, you will find out whether your beloved Anziano Parry is staying or leaving the famed city of Trapani. It is quite exciting! I cant believe that another Transfer has already gone by. But I guess that is the mission for you. But if I were to tell you my prediction of what will happen, I would have to say that I am getting kicked out of Trapani lol. I have been here too long, they dont want me anymore here haha. But we shall see.
So, I guess it is time to tell you a bitter story. So this last Sunday, President Laudicina (the Branch President here) picks us up to go out to Salina Grande so that we could pick up all of our new converts for church. When we arrive there, we find Marlene and Simba waiting out front for us. They say hi, and then they told us that they had been Transfered from Trapani to Pisa because of their refugee program, and that they were leaving that day. We started taking photos when their bus pulled up and some guy started telling them to get in. They had to go, but we stole them for about 5 minutes more, traded information, and then said goodbye. And then they were loaded into a bus, and they were gone. But that is ok haha. I still talk to them. In fact, they wanted me to get them all the information for the church in Pisa, so I called them a little while ago, and got their new address and stuff. Then, I called our office in Rome asking for the missionaries phone # in Pisa. They gave me the Milan office instead. I called them up, and the Sister in the office did a really good job trying to make me feel bad for making an "apostate" phone call out of the mission lol. Oh well haha. In the end, I convinced them to give me the missionaries phone number in Pisa, and I gave them a call. I got to talk with a Missionary, Anziano Giove, that I hadnt seen since the MTC, and I handed over the referal. That that all happened about 20 minutes go, so that is where we are in that story lol.
 Yesderday, we had a really incredible lesson with this family in Paceco. We got this appointment through a referal from Sciaca, and we had delivered a Book of Mormon the day before, and then set up the appointment. The referal was for a girl named Katia, but her mom was interested too. When we got there, it turns out Katia wasnt there, but the mom invited us in anyways, and we started talking. It turns out she is a "catechista" which means she basically teach Bible School to catholics. Anyways, it was actually really cool, because she wasnt interested in Bashing at all. We just talked. Then the daughter came in. Then a friend of the daughter came in. Then, when I finally was able to get the First Vision out and everything, it was like the Spirit had come in and just kinda back handed everyone a couple of times in the face, and then flicked their ear for good measure. The daughter and the friend sat there the whole time making comments about how much light they see in us Anziani, and how much stuff makes sense, and how the "stories" we told are beautiful, and that we almost have them convinced haha. It was really funny how big of a deal they made of everything, but they did it with sincerity. It was a good appointment.
President Laudicina took us to Napola again to get some more Cannoli. Man, they are so good.... It was Anziano Bunker's first cannolo from Napola, and when he saw how big it was, it blew his mind. And then, later that day, we went and got a Gelato with the youth of the ward. It was a blast, and then they took us home. This day, I had 2 Gelati, 1 cannolo, and 1 graffa. It was so much sugar haha. Talk about a sugar high.
The Photos that I attached were of us youth getting Gelato, me with Gladys and Kenneth, and then Anziano Bunker and I with Simba and Marlene. I dont think I have a photo of Simba smiling, so I guess that will have to work. But hey, I got to baptise a guy named Simba. How cool is that? Seriously...
Anyways, Till next week! Io so che questa chiesa è vera, e che quando facciamo il suo lavoro, la verità viene confermata ancora di più ogni volta. Mamma, tu lo sai. Pure tutti di vio ex-missionari, ma è una cosa che chiunque può saperla.
Vi Voglio Bene,
Anziano Parry

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