(Knock Knock Knock)......Anybody Home?

Well everybody, I really am not going to be able to tell you very much today.
I am doing very well.
Things have been very interesting since coming to Messina.
Interesting thing #1)
I get off the train on Thursday, and five minutes later I get handed the keys to a Car. I was all like "YEAH!!" and then, 20 second later, I was behind the wheel driving in crazy Italia. 2 minutes later, I run a red light. But hey, no big deal, eh? Its how everyone drives here haha. It certainly is different driving after a year and a half of not. Plus, to my credit, everything is different here too, so it was slightly understandable.
Interesting thing #2)
I am basically getting Christmas early by getting moved to a city that had 3 baptismal dates waiting for me.
One is on October 8th, and the other two are on the 15th.
Interesting thing #3)
The two baptismal dates on the 15th are for a couple named Kushan and Namolie. They are from Sri Lanka. And they have absolutely ZERO christian background. It is really really fun teaching a clean slate haha. I dont have to erase any wrong ideas. I just kinda get to put in whatever I want. They are really cool.
Interesting thing # 4)
I am now living in a 4 man appartment. Which is a lot of fun. It is really weird making the switch to having more people in the house, but it is fun.
Interesting thing #5)
Besides one other missionary who is finishing the mission in 6 weeks, I am now the OLDEST missionary transfer-wise in Sicilia. THAT thought just blew my mind a little. I have been in the mission more than twice as long as everyone else in my appartment.
My new companion, Anziano Davis, is way cool. We have some things in common, and enough other things not to make sure that we wont really get bored lol. He is in his 2nd transfer, and is very on ball. This next transfer has the looks of being incredible.
This next week before next wednesday, I get to fly up to Rome for Zone Leader Council. It is going to be a really interesting day. And then, next Thursday, is Zone conference so I get to prepare a training with my fellow Zone Leader. It is going to be fun! I am way excited.
Ero pronto per un cambiamento. Amo Trapani, ma fa molto bene di avere l'oppurtunità di cominciare fresco di nuovo. Sto bene qua a Messina.
I will write more next week!
Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Parry
These are of the Main church here in Messina. Bring it on.

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