Lacking of the.....(Stupor of Thought)....Boh.....

Ciao a Tutti! Spero che siate bene!
Well, this week is draggin' for me. I dont know why, but it has become a really, really long week.
We are doing pretty good work here. Still, boh... I guess I could say that today has probably started off being kinda a bad day lol. But only in the sense that bad things are happening to me. Actually... when I think about it.... really only one bad thing happened to me haha. Besides only getting 2 emails today that is. So I have this package that I have prepared, taped all up, stuffed full of sweet little goodies, and P-day finally arrived so I could take it and mail it. So I get there, and things are going really well. I wait my turn, step up to the counter, and I start filling out the paper work needed. I get everything all complete when, for the first time in my Italian life, I get asked for my Codice Fiscale (it is like a postal code they when I first got here in Italy). I was like "whaaaat.........". Well, as I'm sure you can guess, I didnt have this number that they asked me for. Great. So I had to hurry and run home to try and find this number. I take my package, companion, and paper work, and start the walk home, all the while ticking away precious P-day seconds. I get to the house, look EVERYWHERE, and I realise that I no longer have this number in my possesion. GREAT. So I call the office, and ask them if they can get it for me, and they give me 3 possible numbers. I take my box (Filled with precious goodies) and walk all the way back to the post office. I give the guy at the counter these 3 numbers. He tells me none of them are it. I give him my passport. He tells me he cant do anything for me. I tell him I sent a package once with out it. He tells me I'm crazy. I swore at him in italian (not really, but I kinda wanted to XD) and I stormed out of the post office. And once again, I started the long walk back to the appartment, all the while thinking about the HOUR of more-precious-that-20-pounds-of-platinum P-day time wasted on some old italian man who hadnt shaved in 4 days looking at me through coke-bottle glasses telling me that I couldnt send a simple package. I wanted to kill him. I guess I should work of developing some more christ-like Charity, huh? :D So far, that is my day haha.
Yesterday we had a pretty cool day. We got to go to Erice for work! Yeah! We had this lady who has a sister who is a member call us and ask us to come teach her and her husband Inglese. We get there, and it is this venezuelian lady and her siciliano husband. They are way, way nice! And now we are going to go teach them english twice a week for a while. It was really funny cause this ladies kid was way tired, and way scared of us, and hid behind doors from us. It was fun, but with english, spanish, and Italian flying around in my head I decided I will be lucky if I come home in 9 months speaking any kind of understandable form of communication. Let us say that I have alot more room to improve on in not only my italian but also my english, and spanish if I every with to learn it haha.
Albert, if you remember our deaf african friend, told us the other day that he is bringing like 5 people to church with him on Sunday. He also told us that he just isnt gonna be baptised again, but that he loves everything else about our church and is going to keep coming. I figure that is okay, because as long as he keeps coming, the spirit can work on him lol, and if he keeps bringing people to church with him he will be working for us anyways haha.
Tomorrow, Michael is getting interviewed to be Baptised this next saturday, and so we will be having at least one more baptism shortly. Here I am, just tearing it up here in good ol' Trap-town.
Oh, I do have a request. In your next emails to me, tell me if you thought I was an "open person" before the mission.  Let me know! And dont afraid to be brutally honest and share examples haha. I can handle the truth lol.
Anyways, thanks everybody!
Vi Voglio Bene,
Anziano Parry

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