Time for the king to hand down the crown

Imagine this:
Saturday night, 10:14 pm, My house.
Anziano Bunker and I were sitting at our desks. The phone had been skillfully stood up and balanced on end.
Every few seconds, between the random converstation that we were having, one of us would yell at the phone, telling it to ring.
12 hours, 15 minutes earlier, we knew that the phone call could come any time. 12 hours, 15 minutes later, we were freaking out because the fated phone call still had not arrived. All of a sudden.... the phone starts buzzing. Because of the unique way that the phone had been balance, it seemed to dance across the table without tipping over. From 4 feet away, the name on the phone for the caller ID stands out like a firework in the night sky. *Villa Kelly* flashed once. Then it flashed again. Time seemed to slow down as I grabbed the phone and answered the call. "Pronto, Sono Anziano Parry..." I say, and in response I hear "Hey Anziano Parry, this is President Kelly here." "Hey President, how are you?" "I am doing well. I got some news for you. Well Anziano Parry, it seems like your reign in Trapani has finally come to an end....."
And that is the story of how I have been transfered away from Trapani. And now, you may be asking yourselves, where is he going now? Well, let me just tell you. I am going to...........Messina! I am staying in Sicily, I am just moving to the other side of the Island. Messina is about 4 times bigger than Trapani, so it will be nice to be in a big city again. And, I have been made Zone Leader in the Catania Zone. I get a car! I get to drive in Italia, which is a pretty scary thought because italians are insane behind the wheel. It should be pretty fun haha. I am really excited to be leaving Trapani. I absolutely love it here, but I never realised how ready I was for a change than after I recieved the phone call from President Kelly. I did really good work here in Trapani. I don't regret anything. I am just happy to be able to say that I left Trapani alot better off than when I found it. The other day I was thinking about my five transfers here while on the bus, and debating with myself kinda about how well I did, and then I looked up and saw this incredible sunset (see photo). When I saw it, the thought just kinda popped into my mind that God is pleased with my work here, and he sent me the sunset as a way to say thanks.
I have been having a crazy couple of days. All the members have been trying to get me to come eat with them before I leave. Yesterday, I had a insanely good meal with the Famiglia Valenti. Sorella Anna Maria made this onion pasta (see photo) that was made with 6 huge onions. It was TROPPO buono. And then today I have 2 meals waiting for me, one for lunch and the other one for dinner. I am gonna miss all the members here a ton.  And then, we had to go to Palermo on Monday for DDM, and while there I saw this huge poster with a guy that looked like he was KKK (see photo). It just cracked me up. There is a missionary serving in Palermo now named Anziano Roe, and we kinda started our reign of our cities together. And now, we are leaving together. The Palermo zone is never going to be the same again haha.
I am moving cities tomorrow. I guess I will will talk to you all next week!
Vi Voglio Bene!
Anziano Parry

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