Anziano Parry's Adventures in Italia

Somethimes I think that someone should write a book about my life in Italia. It would kinda be like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Instead of a caterpiller that smokes a hooka, we would have my dressing room completely filled with incense smoke because the other missionaries played a prank on us haha. Instead of eating magic mushrooms (which sounds pretty sketchy to me) that make you grow bigger or smaller, we would write about eating a Pasta that I made that had 6 large onions in the sauce and a bunch of meatballs too that definately made your stomach bigger. And instead of following one white rabbit around, I got to instead follow around two black people named Samuel and Rose instead because I was able to interview them for baptism! I think my story probably wouldnt be as crazy, but hey, I wouldnt mind. It would be about me haha.
So also.... bum bum bum.... it is that time of the Transfer again! Transfer Calls are this Saturday! Crazy huh? My district did transfer predictions to see where we think everyone will go. Everyone is going Crazy here haha. Everyone wants to stay, but I am pretty much the only one with almost 100% chance of staying haha. Everyone predicted that I was going to stay in Messina, except for Anziano Kearl. He said that I was instead going to a tiny city called Mistretta where there are only Sorelle right now and I was going to to JW splits there with the sisters haha. He is a funny kid. So we will have to see what happens on Saturday.
I feel like I travel alot. I have gone to Catania it seems like at least once a week this transfer. It is crazy. And check this out. One time, I had run the car completely low on gas, so when I gased up, I spent 75 EURO on 45 litre of gas.  When I thought about it, I realised that 45 litre is almost 12 gallons of gas. And then I did some more thinking, and some more math, and you know what I figured out? I spent $102 USD on 12 gallons of gas. That equals out to $8.5 USD per gallon of gas. Crazy, huh? So count your many blessings about only having to spend 3 dollars on gas.
Saturday was a crazy day. That morning, I was able to interview a lady named Eloisa to be baptised. And she passed with flying colors. It was a very spiritual interview. I had felt the spirit very strongly. But then, right after than, Anziano Sloan and I got into the car and drove to Catania where I was able to do two more interviews for Samuel and Rose. Here was a little miracle. I was interviewing Samuel, and it had started to rain slightly, and the sky was very threatening, but it didnt do anything really until after the interview ended. Literally 3 seconds after we said AMEN, the rain fell. And it fell hard. I was just amazed that God kept the rain from falling just long enough to finish the interview.  And then, we came back to Messina that night in time to have a lesson with Kushan and Namalie. We watched Finding Faith in Christ with them, and when it came to the part where Christ was being crucified, Namalie asked me why they killed him. I gave her some answer that satisfied her, I dont remember what, but I continued to think on the question. I knew all the answers, the scriptures,  the more I realised that I dont really know why they thought that they had to kill him. I dont really know what drove them to kill a man that did nothing but miracles. But I do know that they had to. If they hadnt killed him, someone else would have.  It was a really deep question Namalie gave to me, more deep for me than it was for her I think.
Anways, I am doing pretty good here.
Till next time :D
Anziano Parry

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