Dance, shake your booty, Dance Dance, shake your booty

Do you guys wanna know what my life has been like this last week?
Before I tell you, I want to just comment on the photos I am sending for this week.
The first one is me on my amazing flight to Roma, and is just kinda cool.
The other one is of a building that I frequently visit. Do you see the HUGE red banner? Funny, huh? It is for a dance studio. Now I want you to took very closely at the photo. Go about half way down the photo, just above the motorcycle, and just to the right of the garage door. Do you see the little brown plaque? Zoom in on it. What does it say? Thats right! That is our church building! Crazy, huh? Haha it cracked me up big time when I first saw the arrangement. Interesting, huh?
Okay, now onto the more important matters.
I have had a wild, fun week.
On Monday, we had DDM, and then lunch, and then I started my LONG, LONG week haha. I loaded into the car with me and my companion, and then we took off on our way to Catania. It was a relatively tranquill, and we enjoyed our drive. There was this one car that was speeding like crazy haha, and it was pretty fun to kinda annoy him by getting infront of him all the time when we had to slow down because of traffic. So no worries, I know that sounds kinda sketchy on my part, but it was completely normal haha. And then, in Catania, I finally got the meet my fellow Zone Leader Anziano Avesani for the first time, and he is way cool. He cracks me up. But then, the next day, we wake up in the morning and we get dropped off at the Airport in Catania, and we catch a flight to ROMA!!!
NO SLEEP TILL ROMA!!!! JK it was only an hour flight, so it wasnt bad at all. I finally arrived at the mission Villa at about 2:00, and thus we commenced with our Zone Leader Conference! It was way cool. I got to eat sweet american food, see most of the Anziani in my original group that came with me to Italia, and then we had a cool conference. It didnt get over till that night at about 10:00. I raided a the Death Closet at the villa, and I got me a sweet Trench Coat for this winter. I cant wait!
The next morning, being wednesday, I was interviewed by President Kelly, and I just kinda got his advice on what college to go to. He gives really good advice. And then Anziano Avesani and I bounce to go the the Airport again to fly back to Catania. But, Lo and Behold, we miss out flight, so we ended up getting to chill in the Airport with the Anziani from Malta for awhile while we waited for our next flight. When we made it to Catania that night at 8:00, it had been a long day, and I had had absolutely no Preparation Day (Hence why I am emailing today). And then, we planned for our first ever Training that we did in Zone Conference the next day. It is alot of fun being a zone leader haha. I like it alot. Zone conference was all day on thursay, and then it was last night when I finally made it back to Messina again. I had been gone ever since Monday afternoon. Crazy, huh?
And that brings us to today.
Things are going "incredibilmente" here in Messina. As a district, we have 6 baptismal dates for this month of Ottobre.
We started doing inglish class, and listen to this. I am the Advanced teacher, and there is a student named LUIGI (name has been changed to maintain the privacy :D) and the first day in class he told me that he wanted to go to Mexico and see all the Aztec temples because he wanted to know where they came from and why they look so much like the pyramids in Egypt. I was freakin' out inside of me haha.  Lo and behold, I skillfully managed to place a BofM in his hands and told him that it contained the answer to his question. He told me he would gladly read it, even if it was a religious book because he wanted to know. So, we will have to just wait and see what happens. :D
Comunque, grazi mille per tutto che facciate per me! Veramente, non potrei mai fare questo lavoro se non fosse per voi, e l'aiuto che mi date.
Quest'opera qua in Italia sta fiorendo assai, e sento molto benedetto di avere il privileggio di servire durante questo tempo adesso.
Spero che tutto sia bene per voi, e ci sentiamo il prossimo mercoledì!
Vi voglio bene,
Anziano Parry

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