Following The Steps of Paul

 Things are flowing way smooth in the high and mighty city of Messina! In fact, in the Catania zone things are going excellently. A couple, named Kushan and Namalie, were baptised here in Messina on satuday, and then they were confirmed on Sunday in church. The baptisms went very well. Kushan and Namalie showed up early, they had everything they needed, and they didnt drown like they joked around that they would, even though Anziano Davis forgot to tell Namalie to plug her nose when she went under the water haha. They were budhists, so I am way excited to continue following up with them to teach them all about christianity. Now we only have one other investigator with a baptismal date. His name is Enrico, and is doing very well, but for some reason he keeps having us move his baptism back week after week. We need to figure out what it is that is bothering him.
So far this week of Scambies. On last thursday, We had a scambio and I got to go with Anziano Sloan. He is a syrup sucker from Alberta, Canada. It was alot of fun with him. We taught a lesson to a lady named Adele who is really confused in life, and is searching for something. It was cool.  Sunday night, after the Baptisms, Anziano Davis and I went to Catania to do Scambies. I was with Anziano Hill, and Anziano Davis went with Anziano Anderson. There, I got to teach a man named Massimo who is really REALLY really depressed, but we were able to cheer him up a little. Catania would be a really pretty city to live in. It has Mt. Etna (an active Volcano) right close by. It makes me want to climb to the top and throw a ring into it by. That scambio lasted untill monday night, and then that night we drove to Siracusa, which is one of the ancient places where Paul was. We started another Scambio with the Anziani there, and I went with Anziano Migliori and Anz. Davis went with Anz. Avesani. I was able to visit a man here named Antonino, who was really sick. It ended being a mental sickness and so every 2 minutes he would go from being happy to being really man, swearing at me, and flipping me off haha. It was really sad but hilarious at the same time. It was a really fun Scambio also, and then we closed up shop there and came back to Messina last night.
Sorry I am not writing more this week, I gotta go. I will have more to write for you next week, I promise!
Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Parry

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