Scrappin' The Bottom of the Barrel

Allora.... Dove di cominciare.....
Well, I guess it is long time, no see diciamo! Man, it feels like FOREVER since the last time I emailed.... I swear, it has to have been like 4 or 5 days ago. Oh wait, it was! This week has gone way slow since that point, so no worries. I will try my best to write a novel ( I always have wanted to write a book, but I have no idea what I would write it about!).
 This week has been a little crazy again haha. On Saturday night, Enrico (he had a baptismal date for the 15 Ottobre, but it is for the 22nd now), knocked on our door saying that he needed to push his baptism back one more week because he still wasnt ready to be baptised (he would have been baptised on this Saturday). He is our next door neighbor. He has just been having alot of family problems lately, especially with his kids who are new converts. So, in order to fix that, Monday night we all went over to their house and we had a FHE together. We did this activity where someone gets in a chair, and then everyone else takes a turn saying one thing that they like about that person. We couldnt get the kids to participate, but Enrico and his wife did. And it turned into a very good night. I feel it was incredible for Enrico and his wife, especially because they said they loved each other for the first time in who knows how long. It was a good night. Holy Santa Maria It had a really good spirit to it! I was kinda annoyed at the kids Porca Miseria, but with the mood that they were in (they are two 13 year old twins) it was probably a good thing that they didnt come into the "lesson" anyways.
The other people that are about to be baptised are Namalie and Kushan, and they will be baptised this weekend! They are incredible, Mamma Mia. They accept everything so well. We taught them about the Parola di Saggezza, and they felt guilty afterwards for drinking coffee and whatnot. We bought them ORZO instead, which is like a barley drink, and they love it (I love it too :D) They are Budhists though, so it is a continuing work in progress. On Saturday, they had been interviewed to be baptised, and they passed with flying colors! Santo Padre Pio, they are on fire. They had a couple questions on a couple of things, but that was completely understandable considering that they have absolutely ZERO christian background. It is so cool to see them progressing soley on what they feel. I guarentee that they are not being baptised because they understand the doctrine that I teach them, but because of the way they feel while being taught and doing the things we tell them to do. They are so tight! I cant wait for this Saturday!
On Saturday, I got to play soccer for the first time in my new City. And, just to point it out, I am obviously EXTREMELY rusty at playing Keeper haha, but they had play Portiere anyways. And, as is my playing style, I came away from the game covered with battle wounds. It was a lot of fun, but it really made me realise that I need a alot more practice if I ever even want to think about walking onto a college soccer team as a Keeper. Playing soccer with members, I swear, is the number one way to break the ice with Italian members. They love it when you will play "their" sport with them. 
 The english course students here are REALLY curious about why the Aztec temples in Mexico are so much like those in Egypt. I gave out another Book of Mormon last night to a girl saying that it would answer her question. That is the 2nd time I have done that now haha. I've put the bait on the hook. Now it is just a matter of of waiting till they decide to take the bait.
Anyways, Grazie so much for the MANY emails I got this week. It was an INCREDIBLE week for RECIEVING LOTS of emails. So to those of you out there that wrote me, I give you my express Grazie.  I could never stay here in Italia without hearing from you guys lol. It has been a huge help to me.
Vi Voglio bene,
Anziano Parry

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