118 days of being an illegal Alien

Hey everybody, guess what!!! I am finally legal again haha! I dont think I ever told you, but I was in quite some serious trouble for a little while. 118 days to be precise. I guess now would be the time to get the story off my chest.
Remember when I went to Napoli a couple of weeks ago? I went to recieve my Permesso di Soggiorno, which is my permesso to stay in the country. When I pulled it out, it had been expired since August. Another that had been expired since August was my visa to be in Italia. Which leaves me with a very LARGE gap of time when I technically wasnt supposed to be here haha. But with a little help from my friends here in Italia, and a lot of help from the Lord, we got things all sorted out and now I am legal again. I now offically own the title of "Missionary with the Most Permesso Problems". Haha I decided that it is only a thing that would really happen to me.
For Thanksgiving, we really didnt do much. Italians dont know how to enjoy the better the holidays in life. They dont have Thanksgiving, which surprises me. I thought they would have jumped on any holiday that gave them another reason to get the family together and make and eat food. So instead, I ended up making a really good Pasta for Thanksgiving as a celebration because Turkey is actually kinda expensive here. And we had a feast. Even the Italian in the appartment told me that it was incredible, which says something.
Mario is doing really well. We had to move his baptism back one week just to make sure on everything for him, and to make sure he is ready. He is Bravo, and is really excited to be baptised. I cant wait to see it. We saw him riding his bike the other day while we were driving, so we got close and said hi. He grabbed onto the open window just long enough to invite us to eat dinner with him tonight, and then he said ciao. It was awesome haha.
Simone is doing really well too. He is about as ready for baptism as a 9 year old can be. He has been coming to church for awhile, and knows alot. He is really sharp.
Anways, things are doing really well here. I hope the same for things back home! Sorry it is a little short this week, not much has happened since last friday. I will write more next time!
Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Parry

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