Expect a Miracle

Well Well Well.....Aspettati un Miracolo.
This last week has been absolutely full of miracles for me. And I am sorry, but I may not get to tell you all about them because the weather here in Messina is very bad right now and the power might cut out again. Lets pray for a miracle haha.
So since last week, I got my new companion, Anziano Nelson, who comes from Spanish Fork. He is a way cool kid, and is very enthuesiastic for the work. We get along pretty well. We have also had some crazy days too. So you remember how we recently dropped a bunch of investigators? Yeah, me too. Anyways, Anziano Nelson and I were debating about how we can fix the "famine" that we are heading towards if we keep baptising all of our investigators, and we talked about how we can find more investigators. Then, about 20 minutes later, and EX investigator named Mario gave us a call wanting to start meeting with us again because he wants to change his life. Sweet. That's a miracle. And then he came to church on sunday. So thats another miracle.
Then on Sunday, Anziano Nelson and I made a roadtrip from Messina up to good ol' Battipaglia for my Permesso di Soggiorno. It took a good 5 hours traveling. It was so strange being in my first city again. But it literally seemed like everything went perfectly smooth for the viaggio. That's a miracle. And then, the next day, I went to Salerno to get things figured out for my Permesso. They ended up giving it to me with absolutely no problems. And it happened way fast. That's a miracle. Because we finished rather quickly, we decided to catch a train to Napoli to get a pizza and do some shopping. Every single time we needed a train, there was one about 10 minutes after we got the train station so we didnt have to wait at all. That's a miracle. The best miracle for that was the night we were in Napoli. We got a phone call from the Assistents saying that there was going to be a Gas Strike in Italy for the next 3 days, so we needed to go back to Battipaglia right then to buy gas to make it back to Messina. We caught the perfect train that got us back in plenty to time to get everything taken care of. That's a miracle.
Then, the next morning, we got everything loaded back up into the car, and we started our trip back to Messina. It took another good 5 hours going back. And, when we made it to the very end of Italia, we were able to get right onto the boat that took us across to Sicilia, no waiting. That's a miracle. And then we finally made it back home at about 4:30 pm yesterday. I started scheduling apointments right away trying to get something for yesterday before our English Course. We managed to get appointments with Enrico and Mario, and things went very well. And then we taught english course. And then I went home, and ordered a pizza. I was exhausted, and it was a well earned pizza haha. I travelled 900 Km in a good 2 days, and I am so glad today was P'day because I feel it is much deserved and needed haha.
Anyways, things have been going very well for me, and I will write you next week!
Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Parry

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