The French are proud of that?!

Buon Giorno a Tutti!
Well, I have had another CRAZY week since last time I emailed! I know, I know, I seem to always be having crazy weeks lately, but its not really my fault! I guess I will just start of by saying that I got to spend a couple days in the place where Paul the Apostle rested for a couple days in Sicilia. I was in Siracusa for as long as Paul was, 3 days. I left Messina last Sunday night, and then I came back Wednesday night. Why I was there you might ask? Well, one of the missionaries in Siracusa had to be admitted into the hospital on Monday morning because he was going to get surgury. So I had to opportunity to go and spend time with both him in the hospital and with his companion to make sure that they could get some work done this week. It was a fun visit. We did some finding work, visited some people, and spent alot of time in the hospital. It was a really cool experience for me. I was able to talk to some people about the Gospel while I was taking my turn in the hospital, so we shall see what comes of it.
I have a cool experience about enduring to the end for you. Last Saturday night, we were doing some house in an area before an appointment. It was dark, and no one was wanting to open the door to talk to us, or we would just get the door slammed in our face. Towards the end, we were both a little tired, and we had debated leaving and getting ready for our appointment. We decided to do one more appartment building. We get in, climbed all the way to the top of the 5 story building, and starting knocking all the doors on the way down. It wasnt untill the very last door that we knocked that something happened. A man named Giuseppe answered the door, and we asked him if we could have 5 minutes of his time. He said sure, and let us right in. We talked to him a little about our message, and asked if we could come back another time. He said sure again! So we got his information, and we went on our way after about 8 minutes. It was just a good testimony for me about how the Lord rewards you. You have to put in the hours before you will ever get the paycheck.
My mission president decided to issue a challenge for everyone during this transfer. The holidays are coming up, and he noticed that missionary work seems to slow down during the holidays and he correlated that with finding new investigators. So he challenged us to find 6 new investigators in 4 weeks so that we could have a some during the holidays. I loved the idea because I remember last christmas everyone was just telling us to wait untill after the Befana (which is the Good Witch that brings people toys. She is probably more celebrated than Santa Claus here. Her day is 6 January.)  So now the whole mission is striving for this goal, and we are already seeing alot of success with it. I believe it is because everyone is praying for more new investigators alot more, thus allowing God to show us what he's got.
It must be a Europe thing, but people love snails here. At first, I thought it was just the French, but the Italians love them too. In fact, they love snails so much that when I mentioned to a member in Siracusa that I had never eaten them before, they went home that night, fried some up, and then brought them to our house. So of course I had to eat them, I couldnt let all of that effort go to waste haha. Where they good? Well, lets just say that being in Italia, I have eated A LOT of better things than snails. I cant believe the french are proud of being snail suckers haha.
Anyways, for the photos.
One is of me outside the Duomo at Siracusa. It was one of the first christian churches to be built after Antioch.
The other one is of me inside the Santuary for the Madonna of Tears in Siracusa. It is pretty trippy.
The last one is of me having fun with a snail. Go figure.
Grazie mille per tutto!
Vi Voglio bene!
Anziano Parry

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