Questo è Halloween

Halloween + Italia =  Almost lameness haha.
It turns out the all-famous holiday that consists of dressing up as various demons, witches, devils, zombies, etc. etc. does not really exist in Italia. People here just tend to use it as an excuse to go out with friends and drink haha. Occasionally you see someone with some kind of holiday spirit, but it really wasnt anything that special. Lame! So, Anziano Botalla and I decided to take the holiday in our own hands, and had a little fun of our own. I ended up losing my head by the end of the night, but I guess I cant complain. A pumpkin is only pumpkin.
Guess what!?
Guess what!?
Guess what!?
Guess what!?
I went to a professional soccer game on saturday!!!! HAHAHA YESSSS!!! That was another way I celebrated the holidays, kinda. It was a BLAST! And even better,  my favorite italian soccer team was playing, NAPOLI! The game was CATANIA vs. NAPOLI, 29 Ottobre. It was a blast. I ended up working last Pday so that I could go to the game. It was incredible. The fans cheering, players playing, adrenaline pumping..... it was like a slice a heaven haha. As I watched the Pro players, I realised that even in my prime I would never have gotten close to being even considered to play as a Keeper for a professional team haha. I guess it is time to say CIAO to that particular dream haha.  I had to wear a hoodie over my Napoli jersey that I was wearing because all the other missionaries were scared I would get attacked by Catania's fans haha. I didnt believe them, but I wore the hoodie anyways. But I was thinking, if you guys want to try and see if it works, you could go on the Internet, search for the game, and then watch really carefully if it shows the Southern Curve right behind the Goal box. You might be able to see me. I am wearing a Green hoodie. Napoli scored in the first minute of the game right in front of me, so there is a really good chance you could see me I think haha. Try it!
Oh, I suppose that you might want to know what happened with Transfers. I had managed to guess exactly what was happening to all the other missionaries in my district and zone, so I had a really good transfer prediction haha. I am................staying in MESSINA!! Yeah! Messina is way tight! I am way excited to be able to stay. But my companion, Anziano Davis, is getting shipped off to Palermo! He will be able to do exchanges in Trapani! I am way excited for him. My new companion is Anziano Nelson (a different Anziano Nelson than the one I had forever ago haha) and I hear he is a pretty cool kid.
Yesterday, I did one of the stupidest things in my life. I challanged my new convert, Kushan, who is Sri Lankan, that I could eat something just as spicy as he could. So, you know what he did? He grabbed a TINY little green pepper, and popped it into his mouth. And about 10 seconds later, his face turned red and his eyes started watering. That isnt a good sign if a Sri Lankan cries from spicyness. But I was stuck. So I did the exact same thing. And about 5 seconds later, my face turned red and i literally started to cry haha. Tears were running down my cheeks. And then, all the other missionaries had to do the exact same thing haha. So I am proud to say that I paved the way for a sweet new tradition for the missionaries and this awesome family haha. Kushan's wife, Namalie, just sat there and told me the whole time that she told me not to do it haha. It was worth it.
As far as the work goes, it goes well. This last week, we had been looking at our big list of investigators, and we realised that most of them werent progressing, and even couldnt meet us often. So what we did was a gigantic drop for alot of investigators this week haha. And then guess what happened. The majority of the investigators that we had decided to keep decided to give us the boot instead haha. It was kinda like revenge if you look at it in the broad sense of Missionaries vs. Investigators. So now we are going through a slight drought right now of investigators, but that just means that we are gonna work for the "living water" that the Lord is going to give us. It might take a little time, but we will see success. It is like a math equation. And it is like getting paid. Put in the hours, and eventually you will get the paycheck. That is just what I am working for now is the paycheck. We have plenty of new converts to keep us busy teaching, which is good, but not good enough. I need investigators! So, if anyone in America just happens to know someone who lives in MESSINA, ITALIA that they want to give me as a referal so I can go preach the good word to them, just let me know haha.
I am going up to Napoli again soon, maybe tonight. "Permission to stay in the Country" problems haha. I'll probably never be rid of them haha.
Comunque, grazie mille per tutto ciò che fate!
Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Parry

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