Buona Sera a Tutti!
Whew! This last week has been crazy! Mamma Mia.... It has been absolutely mind blowing. Yes, I suppose mind-blowing would be the better phrase for it, according to me. I have been well. I had fought a slight cold for a few days this last week, but I won the fight with a resounding knockout on this. I swear, vitamins really do seem to do the trick haha. The cold season is here, finally, and the weather has really decided to make the season change noticable. It seems to have been raining here almost every day now, and if it hasnt rained, it has threatened. And if it hasnt threatened, it has just been chilly. We have to wear our suit coats full time now whenever we are outside of the house, but even then some days it would be comfortable to go without them. I guess this is a Siciliano winter for you. Lucky me:D I get rain, and everyone else gets snow. Sorry Dad :D
A HUGE miracle happened to us since last time. My companion and I were talking about how we can better the work here, and all of a sudden, we get a phone call. I answer the phone, and a man named Mario (thats right, Mario. As in Mario and Luigi haha) starts talking to me. Mario is the son of a new convert, and we had had dinner with their family a few days before.  Anways, it turns out that Mario is an ex-investigator, and he decided that he is going through a really difficult time right now, and wants to change his life. So we set up an appointment, and we went to pay him a visit. It went really well, and we set up a return appointment. We had, for some reason, decided to talk to him this time about the Armor of God. So we start teaching him about it, and how in our lives we really need to put on this armor if we are ever going to survive the battle we are fighting. During the entire lesson he was very thoughtful. Towards the end, I had just decided to make the comment that being baptised and getting the Holy Ghost was going to be the best armor he could get, but I didnt invite him to be baptised. He just kinda sat there though, and mulled over what I had said, and then he asks "so what, do you want to set a date or something?" and then he started talking about how he had just read about the joy that comes from being baptised and wanted it. So we set a baptismal date for 4 Dicembre.  He has been coming to church and everything. He wants it really bad. I saw it in his eyes.
This last Monday, I got to go to Catania for the night, where I met up with my fellow Zone Leader, Anziano Avesani. We spent the night there with the ZL's from Palermo, and then the next morning we flew up to Roma for Zone Leader Council. It was a ton of fun, especially because I got to see alot of people in my same group. I cant really tell you much, because things are TOP SECRET and I would have to kill you if I told you, but I will just say that things are crazy cool and interesting here in the next couple of weeks. I am going to be pretty busy I feel like. But hey, it seems like I'm always busy these days haha. I just barely got back to Messina this afternoon. I guess I could just say that going to Roma is a pretty good P-day, so I cant really complain about not having one.
This last week, we found a sweet new family to teach. So far, it is just a Mom and a daughter, but they want us to start teaching the husband and Dad too. And then, tomorrow, we get to start teaching a little kid named Simone. He is 9 years old, and his mom is a member, and because he is nine he falls under the "jurisdicition" of the missionaries. We are going to have some good work soon.
Va bene! Grazie mille veramente per tutto che fate per me! Le vostre preghiere, digiuni, e pensieri sono le cose che me aiutano di andare avanti ogni giorno. Sento l'aiuto che Dio mi da, e ancora prego per voi spesso anche!
Vi voglio tantissimo bene!
Anziano Parry

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