12 Days of Christmas, anyone?

Well Well Well, here we are again. Another week, another email.
As I was writing this email, I realised that I was sending this email literally across the world. There is family in Brasil, Canada (maybe not yet, but soon to be), Utah, California. So I just wanted to say "Hi from Italia!"
As you may see from the photo, WE HAD A BAPTISM!! Yeah! It went way good, mamma mia. The spirit, the members, the talks, the ordinance, everything. It went incredibly well. It was definately a day to remember. His name is Mario Garofalo, and he had asked me to perform the baptism. He is going to be confirmed this Sunday by my companion. But the cool thing is that he isnt going to be the only one being confirmed! There is another. His name is Giuseppe Golino, and he is going to be baptised this Saturday. The special thing about him is that he is going to be the easiest baptism this ward has ever seen haha. The missionaries havent had to practically anything for him. It was all his family and his own work that helped him along. He is also going to be confirmed this Sunday. It is going to be quite the day.
We have been seeing a bunch of miracles here in Messina, as I am sure that you can tell. We are having baptisms, from both companionships here, and are finding new investigators by both companionships, and are teaching a ton of people by both companionships. We have had this challenge by our mission president to find new investigators. 6 in  4 weeks to be precise. For a long time, we were lagging behind quite a bit. Up until the 3rd week, we only had found 1 new investigators. Then, in the last week, we found 4 new ones! And then, we were looking at the rest of the week, and we should be able to get at least 3 more this week. The challenge ends this Sunday, and we are planning to finish it with a huge BANG.
I suppose that you want to know about transfers? It should be pretty easy to figure out. I am staying in Messina! And I am staying with Anziano Nelson! Whoo Whoo! I am way excited to be staying here in Messina. The work is going extremely well here right now. I stayed Zone Leader, but I got a new companion ZL. His name is Anziano Botalla, and he is a cool kid. I actually live with him right now, which is actually going to make things alot easier now.
And for the famous Christmas time skype call home, we still havent been able to organise everything, but we do know that it is going to be either on the 25th or on the 26th probably in the morning (your time in Utah). We have to find out where, how, and when we can do it still. I will let you know 100% next week. (I kinda have to, its the last time before the calls :D)
Anyways, thanks so much you guys! I cant wait to talk to you next week.
Vi voglio bene,
Anziano Parry

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