La Settimana Più Pazza Mai. Punto.

Oh my GOSH!!! THIS WEEK has been blowing my MIND!!! Seriously, you have NO idea!
 Well... Maybe I shouldn't be THAT dramatic, but for real though, this week has been pretty incredible so far with an incredible miracle.
So last Wednesday, after I had done email, we went and we visited a Sanctuary called Tindari. It is a tiny little mountaintop city in the middle of nowhere, and it was way cool. It was actually one of my favorite churches that I have seen so far here in Italia. So I included a picture of it this week.  After that, we went home, and then we bounced to a lesson with one of our new investigators, Giuseppe. He has been doing really well, and has been doing what we have been telling him to do! That is the coolest part! I have really high hopes for him.
On Friday night, we played soccer with our inglish course students. It was a ton of fun. We figured because we are in Italia, almost everyone loves good ol' Calcio, quindi we set up a game to try and maybe get some contacts and investigators out of it. It was a blast, and it kinda worked. On Tuesday during english course, we had asked some of the students what the best part of their week was, and one of them had said it was getting to spend more time with us and playing soccer. It was tight.
We had a sweet Miracle on Sunday and Monday. Here in Messina there is a family called the Golino family. The wife is a very strong member, but the husband isnt. His name is Giuseppe Golino, and he comes to church occasionally though with his wife. We had been trying to get an appointment with him to teach him, but he was always working. Anyways, on Sunday, he meets with the bishop here in Messina saying that he had finally recieved his answer and that he wanted to be baptised. Right after that, I was able to get an appointment with him for Monday. We went to his house, and met with him, and he already has everything completely planned out. He knows who is going to baptise him, who will do the confermation, everything!  He was an investigator before, so he has already been taught everything, so the only thing we need to do is follow up and get him an interview. But it has been incredible. Talk about prepared people, he is golden. He will be baptised on the 17 Dicembre.
We have a baptism this weekend! Mario Garofalo is getting baptised! Yeah! He is such a stud. He passed is interview with flying colors, and now we are getting ready for everthing. I am way excited for it. It will be on Sunday, so make sure to pray that everything is going to go well!
Yesterday was Zone conference. It was a blast, seriously. President and Sorella Kelly had been working really hard to make this Zone Conference really special because it is so close to christmas. And let me tell ya, they did a really good job at it. I had to give a training, which I feel went okay, but it had been cut short because everyone was running short on time. Santa Claus had made an appearance, which was really Pres. Kelly, and they gave us gifts for Christmas. It was sweet.
Today for P-day, I climbed an active Volcano. That's right, you heard me. An ACTIVE volcano. How cool is that?! It was nasty cold too, but it was alot of fun. The volcano is called Mount ETNA, and is the biggest one in europe. It was sweet. The wind was blowing so hard, and I almost got blown off the mountain once but another Anziano was able to save me in time (see picture). It was definately a summer activity that we did in the dead of winter haha. Shows how intelligent we are haha. And then after that, we went and played some football in Catania because I had to pick up my cellphone that had been left there, and then we came home, and ecco me now writing to you. It was definately one of my best Preparation Days ever.
So it is that time of the Transfer again! This Saturday is Transfer Calls! I really have no idea what is going to happen. I would like to stay in Messina, but I dont know. So next week I will be able to give you the scoop on everything, what happened with transfers, and most importantly, INFORMATION FOR SKYPING. Hopefully by next week I will be able to get you times and everything, so I am really excited to be able to talk with everyone this Christmas.
Comunque, Vi Voglio tantissimo bene!
Anziano Parry

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