Remember, Dont Be Late!

Buon Giorno a Tutti! Come state? Bene? Bene bene bene!
Well, It is that time of week again. Is everyone excited for this Saturday? I know I am. Remember, 10:00 am Utah Time. That would be 3:00 pm Brasil Time. I am going to be calling at 6:00 pm Italia Time.  Remember, and dont be late!
 We had another baptism on Saturday!!!! Yeah!! It was incredible! Mamma mia, it was a good baptism. His name is Giuseppe Golino, and he is way BRAVO. His story was that he dated and married a member girl a few years ago, and finally he got a testimony and realised that he had a testimony. He was challenged by the bishop to pray about it, and then one thing led to another and he decided to be baptised.  It was all his wife and a few missionaries in the past that did all the work. He had invited his entire family to the baptism, and they all came. There werent enough seats for everyone. His wife is now the happiest lady in Italia right now, I guarentee it. I attached a photo of him and his wife the night of the baptism. He was confirmed the next day in church. It was great.
The miracle that the others had was that on Sunday a man named Andrea walked into church and asked to be baptised. No one had ever seen him before, but it turns out he had learned alot of things from a less active member friend. They did a lesson zero with him, and set a baptismal date with him. It is miracles like that that makes all the hard work worth it. I dont know how the all the details of the lesson, or I would would give more, but it was incredible. It is a great miracle, even though it didnt happen to me.
The packages have slowly been trickling in! I got one a few days ago from Dad, and then I got one yesterday from the Neola 2nd ward. I just want to say thanks a ton for that, and I will say thanks again when we talk on Saturday. But make sure you say thank you to the Bishop and his family, and the ward for me since I wont be able to say high to them for at least another 6 months.
We had a lesson ieri night that was really cool. We have an investigator right now named Giuseppe Nunnari, and he is too BRAVO! He told us last night that he is already in 2 Nefi in the Book of Mormon. 2 NEFI?!?! It was incredible. He asks intelligent questions, and doesnt talk too much like most Italians. He is just cool. Because it is Christmas, we had decided to watch Joy to the World (movie by the church) with him, and it went really well. He enjoyed it. About half way in, his older-than-dirt aunt came in and watched the movie with us. She ended up talking alot at the end of the lesson (she is one of those normal italians) so we cut her off by giving her a Book of Mormon, and inviting them to come to church. Giuseppe said he would come, and that he would bring the Aunt too! How cool is that? He is going to come on Christmas! I have way high hopes for him.
I am going to be going to Catania tonight because there is a man there named Kumar who needs to be interviewed for baptism, and I get the privilege of doing it. I am really excited. I love interviewing people for baptism. It is a really great experience for me.
Anyways, I am going to see you guys soon, so I am not gonna write anymore!
Ci vediamo presto
Vi voglio bene,
Anziano Parry

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