Heya Famiglia!

Well, I am going to be completely, and utterly honest today:D I really dont feel like writing too much, so I am sorry if I wont be too creative with my writing today.
First things first, I suppose, is that this that week was pretty crazy again! I spent from Wednesday to satuday with Anziano Migliori, who is a missionary is Siracusa right now. He is doing well. My companion went to Napoli this week for his permesso di soggiorno process, so I got to stay here while he made the trip with Migliori's companion. It was alot of fun. We taught Giuseppe, who is still a huge stud, and quit smoking in a day. A day! He does everything that we ask him to do. He is awesome.
And then I spent a few days in Siracuse also with Migliori doing work there, and it was a blast. I have a cool testimony builder about the Prophet while doing that exchange in Siracusa. We stopped a man on the street, and we told him that God had called another Prophet and more Apostles on the earth, and he was amazed! He had never heard that before. He gave us his phone number, and said that he wanted to hear more because it was important. His reaction blew my mind. It not that I took the Prophet for granted, but I took the prophet for granted! It never seemed to hit me just how incredible it is to have a Prophet on the earth.
And then on Tuesday we had zone conference! It was incredible! I had alot of fun. And I had a crazy interview with president Kelly.
This is Transfer call week! The call comes this saturday! And I am expecting to be transfered, from what President Kelly told me. So I will have to let you know next week what happens.
Well, that is all for today!
Vi Voglio bene!
Anziano Parry
P.S. The photo is of me, Anziano Gatchel, and Sorella Tinoco. She is the last Sorella alive in my group that came with me. Crazy, huh?

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