La Befana, The Good Witch

Lo and Behold, The Befana! The good witch! I heard a brand new theory concerning the legend of the Befana (for those of you who dont know about it, Google it).  So this theory goes like this: The Befana is the wife of Santa Claus. Santa Claus is the one that goes out and gives gifts and whatnot to good children on the 25th. It is the Befana that goes around on the 6th and gives more gives to good kids, and coal to the bad kids. All along, it has really been the wife of Santa Claus that likes giving the black rock. I really never knew haha. But it turns out that the 6th is the day officially recognised by the Catholic church as the day when Jesus Christ was baptised at the start of his ministry. Wow.... I never knew that one.
This last week was absolutey full of companion exchanges. On wendnesday night, I had a Scambio with a certain Anziano Knuteson from Montana. He is great. He is dying. In fact, he is going home in 3 weeks. He is only 3 transfers ahead of me in the mission. He is in his 16th, and I am in my 13th. It was weird thinking that that is going to be me in 4 months. I try not to think about it, but there is a very slight, but very real and very attractive shimmer of relief on that little thought. It is interesting. He is a good guy, and he is ready to go home.
Next, on Friday, I went to Catania with a certain Anziano Marengo from PerĂ¹! It was a great experience. He is a good guy too. He is alot younger than me in the mission, but has been living in italy for the last 10 years, more or less, so it was like spending a day with an italian. While on this Scambio, I had the priviledge of interviewing a man named Andrea for Baptism. He passed with flying colors. He had a very strong testimony of a modern Prophet. He told me all about how he had researched every modern prophet since Joseph Smith, and he knew that every single one of them was a Prophet. It was very cool.
Then, on Monday, I had an exchange with a certain Anziano Kearl from Utah. I loved this scambio. Not only did I have alot of fun, but I learned a ton from him. He is in his 7th transfer. I dont know how I can explain it, but he is a really good missionary.
On Monday, guess what I had to do? I had to go back to the Questura! Yay! Mamma mia, and guess what again? It turned out to be a complete waste of time. I went because about a month ago I recieve a text saying that I needed to go to the Questura on a certain day at a certain time to pick up my Renewed Permesso di Soggiorno. And so I get there, and I find out that the people in Rome (because Rome is the one that does the actual renewal) havent even looked at my papers yet haha. I dont think this process will ever end.
Last Preparation Day, the missionaries from Reggio Calabria came over and we all played Football Americano together on the beach. And, as usual, I ended up jacking myself up (see pictures). Dont worry, it looks ALOT worse than it really was haha.
I had a lesson the other night with our investigator Giuseppe Nunnari. We are now helping him quit smoking. He is a baller. When we taught him the word of wisdom, he accepted it, and then I had him take is cigarettes, crush them, and then throw them away. Then I called him just a little while ago, and he said he still hasnt stopped smoking. He is a stud.
I am doing well. I recommend not eating any of the tiny red pepers you might find in Italia. They tend to pack QUITE the kick.
Vi Voglio bene,
Anziano Parry

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