More Cannoli anyone?

Well Ciao Ciao Ciao a Tutti!
So guess what? I have a story for all of you. Things are going very very well here in Messina. The sun in shining (only about half the time), the birds are singing (it is really just the cooing of pigeons), and I am here in an internet point in Italia sitting next to a buch of punk teenagers playing online gambling and listening to italians talk about soccer in the background. I would say that life is good. Well, at least it is in this moment of time.
So the story is this.... I have witnessed a Strike. A strike in the sense of all of the big truck drivers in Sicilia (and maybe Italia) decided that gas really does cost too much, (it really does. I put 120 USD of gas in our car the other day, and I bought not quite 14 gallons of gas) and so they just stopped working. They blocked all the freeways, interstate highways, and toll booths, and there was no moving of any kind of comercial good for about a week. You know what that means? It means that no gas refilled the gas stations, so the city was without gas for about 4 days. It means that no food was brought it to restock grocery stores, and it was nuts. We went and bought a 10 day supply of food, and it was crazy to see grocery stores just completely empty because italians, being italians, thought it was the end of the world and completely pillaged, raped, and plundered in a viking like manner all of the grocery storys.  But now, it looks like the strike has ended, and that everything is back to normal. So Mom, DONT WORRY!
And I have another story for you! I have been transfered! I am staying in Italy! Whoo hoo! And what is even more, I am staying in Sicilia! (That was seriously an answer to my prayers). I wanted to either go to Roma, or stay in Sicilia, and my wish was granted. I love Sicilia too much to leave it. The people...the food..... the cannoli.... everything! And what is even more, my new city is going to be Palermo, in the Palermo 2 ward! I will still be Zone Leader, which leaves me hoping and praying that there is going to be a district leader in Trapani because I would get to go do splits there! Trapani! Yeah! I loved Palermo while I was in that zone, and now I am headed back there. President Kelly (my mission president) told me that it is probably going to be my last city.  I have 3 transfers left, so I would probably agree with him. My companion is going to be an Anziano Embree. I am not sure where he is from, but he is a way cool kid. I am excited to work with him. We are going to SPACCARE Palermo together!
Last Wednesday, after I had done email, something crazy had happened. I was at home that night, and I was actually in bed. It was 10:40, and the phone rings. Anziano Botalla (one of my roommates, and the other zone leader) answers the phone, and it turns out to be a doctor saying that Giaimo (one of the new converts) is in the emergency room of the hospital and he wants us to take him home. We called president, got permission, and Botalla and bounced to the hospital. Let it forever be known that Italian hospitals make you pay to park in the parking lot or they wont let you leave haha. We pick Giaimo up, and he was fine, except that he was very depressed. His story is that he has lived alone for the last 25 years in a neighbor hood where everyone hates him (they threw bricks through his windows once, and a couple months ago some teenagers beat him up. He is a 65 year old man.), and he has had almost 0 positive contact with people in a really long time. He ended up having a panic attack, and went to the hospital where he called the only people in the entire city of Messina that he trusts: us missionaries. Botalla and I stayed with him at his house for a little while to keep him company, gave him a blessing, and then we went back home. We didnt get home and in bed till 1:30. It was a crazy night. It really hit me how much effect we actually have on the lives of the people that we teach as missionaries. It was a huge pleasure for me to be able to help someone out that really needed it the way he did. Needless to say, I didnt wake up at 6:30 the next morning haha.
The work has been pretty slow in for me and my companion the last couple of days. You know why? Because we are being blown out. Which means that both of us are leaving. Anziano Nelson is going to Gela, and two missionaries are coming to take our place. We have been trying to get things ready for them, so we have been doing alot of area book, and visiting people telling them that two different missionaries will be coming the next time. It is kinda interesting being blown out.
Last night we had our big farewell for our english course. And, being the advanced teacher, I decided to do something really bold with our 3 advanced students. I taught them how to pray in english. I told them that praying in a different language helps so much in learning that language, and that it has been a huge help for me in learning italian. They all thought it was actually a good idea, and the promised that they would try it. And then, because it was our last night, Anziano Nelson and I did the spiritual thought at the end. And we decided to be really bold again. He shared a quote about service from President Monson, and I bore a hard core testimony about the Book of Mormon. I told them that if there was anyone there who didnt have a copy of the BofM to get a copy, and for those who had a copy to read it, and for those who had read some of it to be taught by the missionaries, because it had changed my life. Anziano Nelson basically did the same thing too. Right after the class, two ladies came up and asked for copies of the book, and we gave it to them. Later, Anziano Botalla came up and told us that those two ladies were crying the whole time. How cool is that!? Then, we had a pizza party with those of english course that wanted to stay.
Well, that was my week. Sorry for the novel this time! I hope you enjoy it. Till next time.
Vi voglio bene,
Anziano Parry

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