Chickens and Chinese

This last week has been CRAZY!!! Boy, let me tell ya. We have been dragged all over Sicilia at least once, started a religious war, gone into Mafia territory, and found some one that didnt want to be found.
On this monday, we had DDM, and we went to Mistretta. It is a way far way. In fact, it is closer to my last city Messina than it is to Palermo. We had a good meeting there, and we had a good training given by my companion. He read us a story called the Amazing Blondin (I suggest you look it up on the internet, it was quite good) and then we took a district photo together. Afterwards, I was feeling the desire to have chicken that day, so we went and bought some chicken. Then, later that night, we had meeting with our Vescovo. In fact, it was an FHE that we had with him and his family (his wife is chinese) at his house. My companion was telling me that it was the first that that they have had an FHE with the missionaries in a really long time. My companion has been here for 5 transfers, and this was the first time that my companion had an FHE with the Vescovo also. It was alot of fun, and it was very respectable also. We had a dinner, which turned out to be chicken (It must have been the spirit telling me that I wanted chicken because I really got chicken that day) and then he asked us for a spiritual thought, and then he took us home. But it was very productive I feel for Vescovo-Missionari relations because we talked to him and asked him how we could make him sleep easier at night as a Vescovo along with doing our missionary work. He asked us to make 3 things our priorities as far as the ward goes. 1) The youth of the ward. There are several people preparing for missions, and he feels a missionary presence will help alot with that. 2) The Young Single Adults. We have alot of them, an they need some help too. 3) Families with financial/ any other problems. He just wants us to be his eyes and ears because he knows that members tend to open up to missionaries more. And he invited us to come to ward council once a month. I feel that this is a good way to really start working well with my ward here.
On Sunday, I was sitting with my elbows on my knees and my face in my hands at the bus stop when, all of a sudden, a giant grasshopper whacks into me and freaked my out alot. I think I yelled in public haha. Later than night, we were doing Mostra again at Piazza Politeama, we were having a fun time, but then the evangelists came up and set up their Mostra on the other side of the street. It was crazy. I could literally hear one of them soapboxing, yelling "You! Have you been saved? And how many of you have been saved?" And then the daughter of the crazy evangelist lady from two weeks ago comes up to us and tries to bash us again. We sent her packing too haha. But now I fear we have started a war.... It might get bloody, who knows haha.
We had a cool miracle yesterday. We were trying to go around and find a bunch of less active members, and we ended up knocking into a new convert who hadnt told us where he was living because he didnt want us to come visit him because he didnt know if it would be okay with the people he was living with. It ended up being okay too, so it all worked out. But we were just thinking that in the entire half of the city where we work, we just happened to knock into one of the people we were wanting to find haha.
Anyways, I will write more next week! Grazie per tutto! Vi voglio bene,
Anziano Parry

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