Palermitano cioè someone from Palermo

Heya Everybody! Anziano Parry here, and I just want to say that things are looking up here in Palermo 2. A couple of interesting things happened this week, especially concerning us and at least one member. I don't know what it was like in the past, but apparently there were maybe some missionaries here a while ago that would just go to the church just to be there, and then leave without doing anything. Anyways, there was this member named Antonio here. He is a GANS (its the italian version of Young Single Adults), and on Sunday morning on our way to church he and Anziano Embree got into a really heated argument. He was just accusing us of not doing anything, being lazy, going to church just to play ping-pong, etc etc, about a bunch of stuff that isnt and wasn't true, and everyones blood started boiling. He ended up shoving Embree, but nothing more than that happened. We got to church, and we talked to the Bishop about it, and apparently this member is a little special in the sense that he feels jealous very easily about the missionaries, and he told us that if he ever punches us, then to punch him back (which we probably wont do haha). It was a crazy situation, but we got it all calmed down.
As far as the work goes, it is pretty slow right now. We are going to be focusing our efforts alot on doing finding and trying to get new investigators because as of right now our investingators are a bunch of scrubs. If they dont start making progress then they probably wont be on our list to visit for very much longer. We have been also going through the member book, and we are going to start doing a less-active push too. It is time to get the work going again here.
I have been studying in the bible, and the Book of Mormon. In the bible, I am in the part of the new testament that you can finish basically a book a day. In fact, today I read 1st and 2nd Thessalonians. And in the Book of Mormon, and I reading in Alma. Yesterday, I read Alma 40.
We had a huge miracle this week. On last monday, we had lesson with a member family, and  we asked them to pray about an area in the city where we could go to do finding work. Then, on this Saturday, we gave the Dad of the family a call saying that we were going to the area to do finding and we wanted to know where to go. He said that he would pick us up and take us there. So he picked us up, and he started telling us about how his family had recieved very specific answers to their prayers. The wife felt that we needed to go to this Piazza, find the Pretura (a government building), and go behind it. The dad dreamt a street lined with trees, and the #69 with the name Bologna. So we go to this area, and we start doing street and house till we arrive at this house with the #69 named Bologna. We were amazed. No one was home, so we decided to say a prayer. Afterwards, the Dad said he felt we needed to stop a woman. I felt we should talk about the plan of salvation, and Anziano Embree felt it was going to be on that road. Two seconds later a lady walked by, and we stopped her and talked to her about the Plan of Salvation, right infront of #69. It was crazy. Later, we go to this member's house, and we start talking with the daughter. She tells us that she had dreamt a lady with blonde, long, straight hair. It matched perfectly the lady we stopped and contacted. It was a miracle.
I just want to let you know that last night I ate my 107th pizza since being coming to Italia. That is definately one thing that I am going to miss in 4 months. Pizza.... it is hands down my favorite food in Italia. And Lasagna.
Anyways, Vi voglio bene, and to be continued next week on missionary email channel.
Anziano Parry

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