Spleen anyone?

Heya Tutti! Come state? Bene? Spero che stiate bene, ma a volte è difficile stare bene, quindi capisco se non lo siete. Ma, in questo momento, sto bene:D
So guess what? Here in Palermo, which is a città fantastica, there is a food here that is famous. Everyone here talks about a sandwich called Pane ca'meusa, which is dialect for Panino con Milza. Which is, in english, a spleen sandwich. So, of course, I had to try to it. My first day here, I got one, and it was pretty good. And then today we went and got another one from a place called Nino Ballerino, which is supposedly the best place in the city to get one. A member took us there (us meaning all four missionaries here in Palermo), and we ate together. It was pretty darn incredible. By the way, the one making the face is my companion haha. He is a stud. We have alot of fun together. The one on the right of my companion is Anziano Davis, one of my ex-companions, and the other one is Anziano Knutson. The member on the far left is named Salvo Minà. He is way cool.
Since being here, I have felt alot better about alot of things. I think I was just really ready for a change. So I have been getting myself back into a good groove, and it is amazing how much better you feel in a good groove.
The work here in Palermo is doing pretty good. We have alot of potential for alot of good growth, so we are going to be pushing really hard in that direction. I hope to be really able to make a change in this city. We had one lady show up like she fell out of the sky on Sunday. She is the wife of an investigator that we have had here for the last little while, at least thats what my companion was telling me. And, on Sunday, she just showed up in church, unexpectedly. That was really cool.
On Monday, we went to Mistretta (a nearby city) to do DDM (District Development Meeting). And while I was there, I realised that the other 3 members of the district, if we add all their trasfers together, have only 1 more transfer than I do. I guess you know you are old in the mission when things like that start happening. I am in my 14th transfer now, out of 16.
And I had an epiphany about my future. But it just ended up confusing me even more. But I guess that shouldnt bother me. All I need to do now is worry about getting people to feel the spirit and to decide to investigate, come to church, and in the end be baptised. Which isnt nearly as easy as you think it would be. But man can it be alot of fun. I love it with all my heart.
Anyways, grazie for everything that you guys do for me! You are the best!
Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Parry

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