The groundhog saw his shadow.

Heya Everybody!

This email is going to be fairly short! I am a busy man.

I had a killer week. It was alot of fun with my new companion, Anziano Larsen. He is awesome. He talks to everyone, and we have alot of fun together. I enjoy my new appartment alot. I am also living with Anziano Weeks now. He started the mission with me, and this is the first time that I have lived with someone of my own group. 

We found a new investigator named Rosa this week. She should be very promising. Her brother is an ex investigator who was always drunk, so the missionaries had dropped him. Now he has moved away for work, we are able to start teaching her. 

On Sunday we did Mostra again, and it was alot of fun. Unfortunately, the evangelists came back, so we had to send them packing. I dont mind them at all, but when they come up to us with the purpose of bashing us, it really doesnt make me that happy, so we said CIAO, and they left. Punks....

Today I am going to a lighthouse for P-day, so it is gonna be awesome. Last week was really interesting. My companion had to get on a bus wednesday night instead of Thursday, so I got tossed around between a couple of different companionships in Palermo. I went to go see the Cathedrale of Palermo which was very impressive. 

Gino is doing well. He still loves the lessons that we are giving him, and little by little he is making progress. It is really cool watching someone start from Zero, literally zero, so I enjoy it alot. 

The weather here has been nuts. It cant make up its mind. One day it is hot, the next day it is freezing. Make up your mind sky! Geez...

Anyways, Things are good here in Sicilia! Till next week!
Vi voglio bene,
Anziano Parry

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