Quick, send us a fire extinguisher, because we are on FIRE!!!

As you may have guessed, with absolutely no guile on my side, I had a pretty good week this week. Palermo is just on fire. In fact, just the other day there was literally a fire here. Someone had thought it would be funny to light some dumpster on fire. (We are in the middle of a garbage strike, so the garbage is just piling up in the streets). It is always pretty cool to know stuff like that happens in my city. I love Palermo haha.  

Since last wednesday, we have been doing alot of different Scambios, and it has been a ton of fun. We have been doing some way good work too. Last friday, I was doing a scambio with Anziano Weeks. He is in my group, and is actually the first one from my group that I have actually gotten to live with and second to serve around. We had a lesson with a girl named Letizia. It went very well. She is the girlfriend of a member named Giuseppe. They are attending university here in Palermo, so we are taking the opportunty to teach her. We taught her the Word of Wisdom, and she objected about Caffee, but in the end she agreed to quit haha. She is very intelligent. She asked us questions about the Book of Mormon, such as who the gentiles are, how to use the BofM and the Bible together, if the Catholic church was the great and abominable church. She asks good questions. She is gonna be baptised.

And then, the next day, we had finished our scambio so I was back together with my normal companion, Anziano Larsen. He is in his 8th transfer. We had a lesson with a family of ex investigators called the Lucas family. They are a way cool family. They are a mom, 2 sons of 22 and 9 years, and a daughter of 16. They had been dropped about a year ago because they werent keeping committments. Anyways, we went over to their house, and started talking to them all. It was good to get to know them, expecially because they still loved the missionaries. About half way through the conversation, the mom's friend walked in, and they all start talking to us. (They are all south american by the way). They were all way interested in what we had to say, and then, at the end of the lesson, the friend asked us when she could see us again. We set up an appointment for this friday. It was great, especially because we walked away with 4 more people to teach!

On Sunday we ended up doing Mostra again, but it rained so it wasnt quite that effective. But it was fun, especially since we had some members there helping us out.

We had another Scambio yesterday, and I went with my fellow zone leader Anziano Flitton. He is a way good missionary. We had a lesson in the morning with a man that is CRAZY paranoid. He thinks the CIA is after him, and the people take his picture and give it to the mafia, and that everyone is against him. He is a member, but went crazy a few years ago. He wants to just move to Arizona and live in the middle of nowhere to get way haha. He was a big downer. And then we planned out Zone Leader training together. 

And then, today, we have just been doing a bunch of Pday things. For example, we went to a nearby city called Monreale, and the cathedrale there has the most gold of any cathedrale in all of Italy. It has 900,000 square meters of gold leafing. It is incredible.

Anyways, till next week, ci vediamo!
Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Parry

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