Sweet and Sour

Ciao a tutti! 

I dont have much time today, I spent the day going and seeing a city called Agrigento and all the greek temples there, and then seeing something called the Stairs of the Turks or something like that. So because of that, I am going to give you kinda a "copy and paste" from my president's letter.

We had some ups and downs this week. First thing was that our main, progressing investigator named Gino decided to take a trip to America for a couple of weeks, and he sprung that on us few days before he had actually left. He should be back in about 2 1/2 weeks, but till then that kinda put us in an interesting situation. Since then, we have really been trying to find new investigators. This last week we saw some success with it, but not enough. We are going to be trying even harder to get more people to teach because, unfortunately, the ones we found can really only see us maybe once or twice a week.

I know it is kinda silly, but when I found out today that someone had shot and killed my dog, I felt really grateful for the Plan of Salvation. It was a shocking thing that happened, and I know that the Plan of Salvation was designed for the salvation and exaltation of man, but I got a little hope in knowing that I will be able to see my dog again too. He was good dog.

We are still teaching our new convert Gaetano how to read so he can read Book of Mormon by him self. He is progressing very well, and learning at a rapid pace. Our other less-active lady named S.lla Gennaro is still smoking, and we havent seen any progress in getting her to stop either. Hopefully we will see a breakthrough soon or we will just start doing something else.

I realised alot this week that if I want more work here, it is going to take more work. I want to leave Palermo better than when I found it, and I feel that Anziano Larsen and I can do it. 

I will send photos next week! 
Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Parry

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