The Final Stretch

I am just gonna say it. And I will probably fight anyone who disagrees, but I have THE best mission in the world. Cioè, The Italy Rome mission. It is the only place in the world that you get the best of almost everything. The best food, the best art, the best language, the best of________(insert what you want), and you can find it in my mission. I don't want to really brag, but its not bragging when you are just stating facts, right? :D

If anyone remembers, this last friday was the 13th. And as promised (because it is promised), something crazy happened. So Friday morning, I had gotten ready, and was studying the scriptures just like I do pretty much every other day. About 20 minutes into my studies, at about 8:20, I hear this rumble and then things start shaking. I looked down at the ground, and it was wobbling like Jello. It lasted for about 10 seconds, and then it stopped and everything got quiet. I can now officially say that I lived through an earthquake. It was intense! I didnt know whether to be scared or not. I found out later that the quake that hit us was a 4.2, which is abastanza impressive.

And as I am sure you want to know, on Saturday the 14th Transfer Calls did come. I am living in a four man apartment right now. Anziano Davis (one of my ex-companions) was transfered to Taranto. Anziano Weeks (he is in my group) is staying to finish his misison in Palermo. Anziano Larsen (my companion) is staying in Palermo. Anziano Parry (that would me be) has been transfered to Bari to finish his misson there. After 10 transfers of being in Sicilia, I am finally leaving! For a long time, I have been the reigning king of Sicilia! I am kinda sad that I wont die a siciliano, but hey, when President Kelly calls, he calls. I am really excited to go to Bari. The situation reminds me alot of my first city Battipaglia. I was there for only one transfer, and then I got moved. The difference is that this time I know that I am only going to have 6 weeks in Bari, so I have that much more incentive to really work myself to death. Bring it on.

On monday, I went to a little city called Mistretta because the members there (and they are few) really miss the Anziani. Mistretta is the most typical italian city I have ever seen. It was beautiful. When you think of Italy, you think of cities like Mistretta. Anyways, we met the members of Mistretta (I think there are only about 10). THe first one that I met was named Antonio, and he was so happy to see the Anziani he cried (aparently it is normal for him. He is a crier). We had lunch there, and then we came home. I wish I could have served there lol. 

We ended up dropping most of our investigators this week, and one dropped us. I dont know if you remember me talking about Letizia, but she is the girlfriend of a member. Anyways, she was awesome. But then, on last Thursday, she came up to us and told us that she doesnt want to take the lessons anymore. I think she got scared when we invited her to be baptised the week before. She just needs some time is all. Now, after us dropping everyone, we are left with a grande total of 3 investigators (one of those is a family). The three that we have left are the Lucas family, Gino, and an African named Emanuel. I said goodbye to all of them this week. They were cool.

Today for Preparation Day, I went and finally saw the Greek Ruins of Segesta.

Anyways, I am leaving tonight for Bari. I am going to fly to Roma, and then drive a car down to Bari. Because I am flying, I had to have weight limits on all of my luggage. I could only have 2 big bags to 20 kg, and 1 carry-on of 10 kg. It is really really hard to get it the weight right. I had to throw out alot of stuff. 

Comunque, alla prossima!
Vi voglio bene,
Anziano Parry

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