Italian Easter

Buona Pasqua a tutti!
This last week has been pretty crazy. A lot of interesting things have happened.
First off, I am sure that most of you are very interested in how they do Easter here. It is rather normal. They dont have any really strange traditions, or things that they like to do, They eat, and they sleep, and they eat more, oh, and they have a festive where they do a live re-enactment of the crucifiction. Sounds pretty normal, right? Not apostate at all, if I do say so my self. It really is kinda interesting. The city had this big parade, and then they "re-enacted" everything. I didnt see it, but I saw the posters every where. It was really interesting. On the actual day of Easter, though, most people just get together in the family had have a really good meal. I ended up passing it at the house of the Famiglia Luinetti and her family. It was a blast. There was SO much food. It was nuts, let me tell ya. Pasta, meat, salad, fruit, desert, and more. There was every course that you can think of. It was good stuff. But the actually holiday, that shut down prosyliting, didnt happen till the next day. In Italia, they not only celebrate Easter, but they celebrate also the day after easter called Pasquetta. It means Little Easter. Everyone just kinda shuts down, has a BBQ, and demands why you are talking to people on Pasquetta of all days. Not really that productive. So what we did instead was go to our ward party that they had at our church, and mingled with all the less-active that only come to church twice a year (christmas and easter) and ate alot of meat. They made good meat, but american BBQ is alot better. And then, we had to go home and clean the house from top to bottom. The mission president's wife made a comandment for everyone to do it, and we did it. It was a good thing too, because while we were cleaning our kitchen we found a nest of cockroaches. There had to have been 40 of them! It was an all out apocolypse war front in our kitchen, let me tell ya. I think we got them all though, even though we did suffer major casualties. It is the price of war.....
Yesterday my mission president flew down from Roma to do interviews for our zone, so I was basically in church all day waiting for my turn. When it touched to me, I entered the room. Pres. Kelly and I talked about a lot of different stuff, most of it just talking, and some of it pertaining to the Transfer Calls that are going to be happening this Saturday. I dont really know what is going to happen, but I have my theory. I think I am going to be transfered, and put in a new city for one last transfer. I think I want it to happen to. I told my president that what ever happened, I was just getting ready to work myself to death (pun intended). I guess we will find out this Saturday.
Today for Preparation day I went to a little city close by called Cefalu', and it was way pretty. I pretty much have the best mission ever in the world.
We have been teaching alot of people that are growing in their interest in the church. We also found this lady from Ghana named Sicilia, who knew the church back in Ghana. She said her whole famly are members of the church, and that she had been trying to become a member when she left. She has alot of potential haha. And that is why Africa is now the highest baptizing area in the world. We have also taught Gaetano, the Lucas family, Michael, and some other people, but Sicilia was the coolest one. Also Gino is back from his vacation, so we have an appointment with him today.
Anyways, that is all!
Alla prossima, vi voglio bene,
Anziano Parry

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