Lets go fly a kyte

Buon Giorno a te, Buon Giorno a me!

This week, well, lets just say it has been pretty interesting. It was full of things to do, and we did them, but it was kinda slow in the actual missionary work department. But with things like general conference, and then a Zone conference, it is pretty understandable.

General conference was incredible! I loved everything a ton. There was this one talk that talked about being active in the church, but not active in the Gospel, and it was something that really rang true for me. I had never thought about it, but I have taught many less active members of the church who were less active in the Gospel but had been active in the church. After all, it was exactly like how it was described in the talk; after years of being active, something happens and they just stop coming. Now that I have thought about it, that is probably the most common reason for being less active in Italy. 

We had Zone conference yesterday, and it was a good one. I really enjoyed it. It was weird to think, as I was reminded by almost everyone, that it was my second to last zone conference. I dont really know how I feel about that, so I cant tell ya lol. But I do feel that, from what I have seen, the missionaries are just getting better and better here it Italy.

We had a lesson the other day with a lady named Sussi. We watched the Restauration with her, and it went right along with the fact that before we started the film she was telling us that she was searching for the truth. Afterwards, she told us right away that she didnt want to be obligated into joining the church, that she would join when she knew if it was true or not, but that she definately wanted to know more, and she said she could see us ogni monday. It was a really cool lesson for me, especially because we were able to be sincere with her about what we do as missionaries, and she was sincere with us too as a simpatizzante. 

Anyways, I dont have any more time today! It got all eaten up because I learned that I need to register for school as soon as I could, so I did that today. 16.5 credits, do you think that is too much for a first sememster? Haha grazie tante per tutto, siete grandi!

Vi voglio bene,
Anziano Parry

P.s. It is officially summer here in Sicily. And I love it!

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