Sweet home Ala-Bari

Well well well, one more settimana, one more email from good ol' me:D
Things have been absolutely PAZZESCO here in BARI!! Whoo whoo! I am gonna catch pneumonia and "die" in about 6 weeks because my companion and I are just going to be wet all the time from being in the baptismal font. Let me tell ya, maybe I will just refuse to go to Roma in 6 weeks, who knows:D
My new companion is Anziano Alexzander Meldrum from California. He is a complete stud. He is basically draggin' me around everywhere haha just doing work, and I am totally cool with that. He is in his 7th transfer, so I am more than twice as long in the mission as he is. We have been doing a really good work so far, and we have been setting some pretty awesome goals. Our best one is that we are going to have 8 baptisms this transfer. EASILY 8 baptisms.

Think we can do it? I sure do. It is gonna be awesome. We already have one baptism lined up for the 5th of May, and it should go through. Her name is Sandra, and is BRAVISSIMA! She came to us because she felt bad about not coming to church last week, and then when we finished up explaining the Plan of Salvation to her she was just kinda freakin' out about needing to go to the Celestial Kingdom, and she basically got mad at us when we invited her to pay tithing after she was baptised because it was something that she already expected herself to do. It was really cool haha. And then we have a bunch of contacts that are going to be dunked soon. Like, for example, ******(name has been edited from safety purposes):D. He is from Ethiopia, and he is a muslim, but is married to a christian lady. Anyways, we stopped them, and talked to them, and we find out that he wants to change religion and become Christian, and him and his wife were asking what he needed to do. Needless to say, we have an appointment with them for this saturday.
I really like my new city. Che peccato che sarò qua soltanto per uno trasferimento. We played soccer today with a bunch of missionaries and some raggazzi that we have as contacts, and we have had some good lessons with a bunch of cool people, and members have already invited us over for lunch several times and one really does eat well here in the Puglia area. I had my first Panzerotto, which is a typical Barese food, (see photo), and it was really really good. It has been kinda difficult for me though, because as I said, I had to throw a bunch of my stuff away when I was transfered (see other photo) so that I could fit everything in the weight limits to fly with it. Then, when I got to Rome, I thought everything was going well and whatnot, and then the Assistants told me that I had to leave all of my stuff at Rome except my carry-on because there wasnt room in the car for my luggage. Being all gung-ho and Anziano Parry, I said okay, and I loaded everyone up into the car and then drove to my new city. I then arrived, and that night when I unpacked I realised that I had only one shirt, one pair of pants, and one pair of socks for a week. So, with my feet growing increasing more rancid every day, I am realived because tomorrow I get to go back up to Roma for Capi-conference and then bring all my stuff down.
Comunque, vi voglio tantissimo bene, e non vedo l'ora per il prossimo giorno di preparazione affinchè io possa scrivervi di nuovo.
Anziano Parry

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