4th times the charm

Things are just totally crazy!!! I dont even know where to start. I guess I should start with the baptism.
The baptism went incredibly well! Mamma mia... We thought that things were just going to break down and not happen though for a minute though. Last week our investigator, Sandra (she is from Madagascar), gave us a call one night crying because her sister kicked her out of the house and she had no where to go. We make a bunch of calls, and together with our Benedetto Vescovo, we managed to find a place for her to stay. The next day when we met with her, she told us all about what happened (it is a long story, ya probably dont want to hear it), and then told us that she couldnt meet with us long because she had to go out looking for a place to stay. Then she started bearing her testimony to us about how it was just a trial in her life and that satan is trying his best to keep her from this baptism but that she wasnt going to let him. It was awesome. The baptism came on Saturday at 4:00pm, and it was incredible. Sandra was great, she showed up with everything needed, she even brought a friend named Saverio. The other missionaries all brought contacts, and a bunch of members came. It was great. Then, then next day in Sacrament Meeting, Sandra was confirmed, and then she got up and bore her testimony about the church, and she talked all about how she found out that this church was the, and I quote, "only true church of God on the earth". It was awesome.
We are now still striving really hard to get some more baptisms lined up for this month. We have some good, really good prospects. The only thing is that I have noticed in Italia it takes ALOT of elbow grease to get anything moving the way you want it. A LOT of elbow grease. But that shouldnt be a problem :D I am young, I can take it.
We had zone conference this last week too, and it was probably my favorite conference I have had. It was also my last zone conference, so I got to direct, and also give my last training as a zone leader. But, most special of all, I got to bear my dying testimony. It was really weird. I was more nervous for that testimony than the training that I had to give. I remember when I heard dying missionaries bear their testimonies, and I always thought that they were weird. I now understand why, and I also understand that everyone else thought mine was weird too, so it just completes the circle. I sent a picture of 4 of my 8 companions that are still living. And I also thought you would enjoy a picture of the nice eye candy cars that I get to see from time to time living in Italia haha.
P.S. Yesterday I finished the Book of Mormon for the 4th time in the mission, twice in English and twice in Italian. I felt great. And then I prayed about it. And then I felt even greater.
Comunque, ci sentiamo, e ci vediamo questo weekend!
Vi voglio bene,
Anziano Parry

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