The City of the Sassi

Buon Giorno a te, buon giorno a me!
Things couldnt be better here at Bari! And I just want to say that last night, I ate a pizza with two of the coolest people at Bari. Dario and Giacomo are two students from english course, and we have become great friends. I promised them that I would give them a shout out because they found my blog and wanted it haha.
This last week has been crazy. We have done so much service for this guy named the Panino King that it isnt funny. He is a many year old friend of the missionaries, and I dont know why he isnt baptised yet, but he just isnt, and doesnt plan on it from what I see. But he is a really nice guy, so we said we would help him out.
Then I have done some exchanges with two anziani in my district. They are awesome guys. A week ago I was with an Anziano Stewart, and he is incredible. He speaks italian really well, especially for being young in the mission (he is in his 6th transfer). I wish I spoke italian as well as he does when I was as young as him in the mission. I was very impressed by him, especially by his willingness to work. He is a good example.
Then I did an exchange with an Anziano Brandshaw, who is a fire ball. I really enjoy his presence, especially because I only get it in a doses every once in awhile. He was great. We had a lot of fun together, and he reminds me alot of myself and how I was a year ago but better. He really just tries his best to follow and do everything he can. He is solid in my eyes. I am continually more and more impressed about how the missionaries younger than me get more and more "Bravi" as I get older.
We had a miracle the other day. There was this family that we had thought had left us out to dry a few weeks ago because they hadnt risponded to our phonecalls or anything. We were walking around doing finding when the thought came into my head to pass by them. My companion didnt want to because he was still scared about officially losing this family. We did it anyways, and they basically welcomed us in with open arms. They were all like "why havent you guys come by? Where have you been?" and whatnot. They were very warm with us, and invited us over on Saturday. It will be great.
Comunque, voi lo sapete, sicuramente, ma ci vediamo presto:D
A dopo!
Vi voglio bene,
Anziano Parry
P.S. Sono andato a vedere una città si chiama Matera oggi. è veramente bellissima. è dove hanno filmato The Passion by Mel Gibson. Molto bello.

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