Il Ventiquattresimo Mese

Hmmm....Allora.... non so esattamente dove dovrei cominciare...

This last week has been a crazy week.

I guess I will start back where I was last week. After I emailed last week, we walked all the way back home (a 40 minute walk), and then we got ready and and started some good ol' prosyliting until we reached the house of the other Anziani We spent the night there.  The day ended like that. Pretty normal if I had to say so myself. The next day, however, is when everything took off. I woke up at 6:00, and got ready, and then Anziano Larcher and I left the house to catch a train to Roma. On the way to Roma, we ended up sitting next to a religion student a priest who taught religion. We ended up having a great conversation all the way to Roma. It was actually very fun, and we were able to talk without stabbing at each other at all.

Then, at Roma, we arrived to the mission home in time to cook some burgers, eat, and then start Capi conference. It was my last Capi conference (for zone leaders), and it was the best one too. We had great councilling, great food, great friendship, and best of all we had (and still have) the best mission president and wife ever! President and S.lla Kelly are awesome. Then, the next day, I got on another train (I hate trains) that brought me back to Bari. Since then, we started some insane prosyliting. We have gotten lots of contacts, and have been meeting with Sandra almost every day. Oh! I have some good news. Sandra is going to be baptised this Saturday at 18:00! I cant wait. She is so cool. She isnt italian, in fact she comes from Madagascar, but it is just cool to see anyone baptised, not just italians. Wish us luck!

Oh, and since we are on the topic of baptisms, and since we have started a new month, I have to say something and make a plea to you all. Since I have been in the mission, and since President Kelly and Sorella Kelly have started their mission (we started together), we have had the goal to get 20 baptisms in a month. We have gotten close with 19 in one month, 18 in a few others, 17 in a couple, but we have never reached 20. In 2 years, we havent done it, and now it is my last chance. The mission has alot of baptismal dates, and good momentum, but it is not enough. We are starting out the month with the baptism of Sandra, and I hope and pray that 19 others follow. So what I am asking for is that anyone who reads this to please pray and beg the Lord to bless the Italy Rome mission this month, and all those that have anything to do with the mission, so that this goal can come true. I know it can happen. It has to.

Spero che tutto vada bene per ognuno di voi, e se no, direi che doveste pregare più. E se Sì, direi che doveste pregare ancora di più:)
Vi voglio bene, e con affetto,
Anziano Parry

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