Buon Giorno a tutti!
Well, I dont have much to say today, besides the fact that I love Bari!
We are starting to see some of the fruits of out labors. We dont have much to show for it, but we are seeing it anyways. We have made some great friendships with people, and last night they were telling me that they are interested in learning more about they church because they see things in our church the way that they should be.
Then, we were in church the other day, and two 14 year old kids that we play soccer with walked into the church just because they wanted to see what we were up to. They are really cool, down to earth kids, not Ragassaci per niente. We showed them the church, and then we showed them the film, Aver Fede in Cristo. They both told us afterwards that they were "colpiti" by it, and that they liked it alot. The father of one of the kids is an investigator of ours, and the kid told us about how he had seen the changes in his dad. It was awesome.
Well, I dont know quite what else to say. Anziano Meldrum is an incredible missionary. I definately feel blessed to have been with him for a transfer. I feel we worked abastanza well together, making an "old dog, young dog" team.
I cant believe that this is the last week. For me, I wish it would last for forever ;) For you all, I am sure that is a different story haha.
Vi voglio bene,
Anziano Parry
P.S. The picture is of all the missionaries at the Panino King Shop. He had his grand opening and gave us all free sandwiches.

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